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Whip It

Whip It

EN: 3-1
Registration: 47020001

Sire: Kankles
Dam: Nascar

Bred by:
Gabe Allen

Off-Season Semen Price: $35/Dose

In Springfield at the STC we were looking for a Poland boar that combined design and power and we landed on one!  Whip It has great breed character and is in a leveler-designed package that possesses extra shape throughout his skeleton. Whip It is sired by Kankles who in his first season sired the grand Poland barrow at Houston and San Antonio as well as the Champion Barrow and Gilt @ the Ohio State Fair, and the Champion Poland gilt at Tulsa, Champion Poland gilt at Team Purebred South West Regional, and Champion Poland gilt at Indiana State Fair. Whip It is pulled apart in his chest floor and has good shape to his rib and that rib supports a big back and ties into an expressive rump. Don’t just beat the competition - Whip It!


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