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Walks on Water

Walks on Water

Sire: Midnight Smoke (Solid Monster)
Dam: Big Time x Steel Wheels x White Tiger
Stress: Carrier

Semen Price: $100/Dose

Bred by: Darrel Messner Family

This popular class winner from Belton has a lot of people talking! We knew we need to add this guy for all the obvious reason but the real strength of Walks on Water is his impeccable structure! This odd belted boar is long and correct in his hip and has the ideal set to his clean rear hocks is great at the ankle and places his feet square and true on every step.

Walks on Water has a huge blade that is set on the outer portion of his rib cage which allows him to have that curvature to his for-arm and flex to his front feet, moreover Walks on Water is correct and up on his pastern!!! Balance would be another way to sum this powerful centered ,full flank bold made herd sire. Walks on Water ties or balances that ultra-correctness and power in one package! Don’t just float Walk on Water!






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