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VIP Room

VIP Room

Sire: Ruthless
Dam: Bonefide x Final Move

Full-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

Stress: Negative

Bred by: Rash & Nelson

We want to thank Andy for letting us take this guy right out of his herd boar pen. VIP Room has been limit-fed from about 75 lbs. because Andy is going to breed several cross sow he owns to this immense-boned, cool-colored prospect that is perfect in his length of body. Andy judges countless shows and he said, “By far, hock to ground and knee to ground along with pasterns is the biggest problem he sees. VIP Room has none of those issues.  VIP Room has clean, flat joints, an ideal angle to his rear hock, and his blade is placed correctly.  This allows VIP Room to have extra curvature to his forearm, plant his front feet true, and stay way up on his pasterns."

VIP Room is backed by two generations of show gilts that have won numerous County Fairs, and his sire will add structure and maintain design. If you want to add structure and make them “RIGHT” off all four, you need to head to the VIP Room!



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