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Up Roar

Up Roar

EN: 15-2
Registration: 492057002

Sire: Carry Out
Dam: JL 20/20

Bred by: Earl Cain & Family

Semen Price: $75/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $75/Dose

If you like stoutness and natural thickness of skeleton, this belted herd boar is getting ready to cause an Up Roar! The Cain family has been a stalwart cornerstone in the Hampshire arena for decades and has produced  some of the Hampshire legends. It was an easy choice to add Up Roar because he is backed by a breeding program and has a phenotype that will make the next generation stouter and more open in itsconstruction from the ground up and from blade up thru their center and rump. This changer will move you off center in a hurry and make those Hampshire that will win at any level and against any breed or cross and leave them all in an UP ROAR!


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