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Turbo Charger

Turbo Charger

Sire: Turbo
Dam: Toxic 28-3
Stress: Carrier

Off-Season Price:
First Call by 10 AM Price: $40/Dose

Turbo Charger has had our attention from day one. His mother is a Toxic 28-3 gilt that is as wide, thick centered and as powerful off both ends as they come. When this litter hit the ground we knew we had something special. Turbo Charger was the only male and we retained all the gilts. From top to bottom they exhibited the Turbo bone and mass and blended the 28-3 style balance and look.

We took Turbo Charger to Duncan to put in the barn but just couldn’t let him go. This September farrowed prospect was way out on the corners and had a wild amount of shape and we just had to see him fed out. Turbo Charger never took a step back and wows us still today. He is ideal in his skeletal size and stoutness of skeleton, and if you want to talk about a truly dimensional center body, Turbo Charger will flat out help you there.

Look up our summer bred gilt sale. We will be offering several bred to him and if you have that key sow left to get bred and you need a boar that will make sellable baby pigs - best to turn on the Turbo Charger!!!  

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