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Turbo 101-5

Turbo 101-5

Sire: Turbo
Dam: White Out x Mother of Fatal 160-3 ( Mother of P2C 106-2 & 3)
Stress: Carrier

Price: $150/dose

Turbo 101-5 is a unique, singular individual that ties together showring look and a square bold build like no other. 101-5 simply put is cocky- he has that elevation at the point of the shoulder and his neck is set right on the top of his blade that allows him to have that up headed carriage. Then when you appraise 101 from blade back, he is expressive in his blade-loin junction, true in his turn to top, high in his tailhead, and pops with muscle through his rump.

101-5 is a typical Turbo offspring owning extra bone and foot size and an ideal curvature to his rib. 101’s mother is the mother of P2C 106-2 & 3 who have both started off siring an outstanding set of pigs that have sold well and are feeding even better. BRED RIGHT BUILT RIGHT 101-5!

Turbo 101-5



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