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Trading Favors

Trading Favors

EN: 6-2
Registration: 161342002

Sire: Loud Mouth
Dam: Get In

Bred by:
Norman Farms

Semen Price: $75/Dose ALL DAY

$9000 Champion Spot Boar STC

When you watch this one go across the ring, it’s easy to see why he wins. Trading Favors is extra heavy-duty with a stout skull and blade, an enormous forearm and foot. Trading Favors is jet level topped and super square thru his rump.  He has the ideal angle to his hock and stands up on his pasterns. His dam, the Get In sow they purchased from Derrick Moore has already placed a boar in stud.  She has a monster back with tremendous  power and width and large legs, so it’s easy to see why Trading Favors looks the way he does. If you need to make your Spots more correct, add bone and have the ability to travel with ease, it’s time for Trading Favors!


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