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Tradin Favors

Tradin Favors

Sire: Platt Attack
Dam: Spud
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $100/Dose

Bred by: George Watson
Owned by: Lambright Showpigs

Tradin Favors is aWatson bred hog with a little twist. Sired by Platt Attack, he combines the typical softer body mass of the Watson-Spud line and the Showring look of the Mack Attack line. We could talk all day about how deep centered, pliable and robust made this guy is, but what enhances Tradin Favors' value is how he opens up tremendously through his blades and takes that width to the ground. Also study this guy's head and front end - this is a massive made hog that has showring look. We are very excited to put Tradin Favors on those more extreme made sows that need loosened up, opened up but yet still maintaining showring appeal! Again we really what to thank Keith, Brian and Seth for allowing us the chance to share this unique Yorkshire boar with you!






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