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Ear Notch: 4-3

Hit Me
Dam: Bull's eye

Stress: Negative
Registration Number:

Semen Price: $75/Dose

Bred by: Kyle Mason

TKO hit us pretty hard @ Springfield. We felt this was the widest boar of the show through his lower 1/3. TKO is jet level topped, high tail headed
and his blade is set way out on the corner, yet he maintains an ideal set to his forearm and shoulder.

TKO will get you the most excited when you study him coming and going away. He is blown apart at his blade, knee, and ground and takes that mass through is center and pops with muscle shape
through his hip.

TKO has gotten better every day we have had him home. He is more flexible in his movement and maintained the mass he had at Springfield. TKO babies will be a knockout in the showring!!!


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