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The Process

The Process

The Process

Ear Notch: 8-1
Registration #: 494191001

Sire: The Game
Dam: Lumberjack X Kendal sow (Look at Me x Sterling Silver x Witness)

Summer Semen Price: $75/Dose

Stress: Negative

Bred by: Cody & Samantha Smith
Shown by: Rex Smith

Grand Champion Hampshire Boar - 2017 NSR Winter Type Conference

We are always on the lookout for a breeding boar that can make better Hampshires, and yes it’s a process. The Champion Hampshire boar in Georgia that went on to be top selling at $7,750 is a herd boar that may go against the trend. He is not a frame score 7 or above and his head is not jerked way out of proportion and that may not have made him a huge crowd favorite. However, if you have put together Hampshire as long as we have you would understand it’s easy to make them tall, narrow and flat and it’s real hard to make them stout, open in their blade and wide at the ground. The normal regression in hogs is taller, narrower and flatter and we tell customers if you ever have a boar that will make them wider, stouter and more open in their skeleton we are in. Like way in! SO you can see how we evaluate The Process no matter how long we have bred Hampshires we have still to this day strived to make them wider, bigger ribbed and more open in their makeup while maintaining bone and look and that’s where The Process fits in. Going hand in hand with his mass, we love the extra look he offers and his ideal hip and rear leg design. This guy looks just like his pedigree from a heaviness of structure and overall substance stand point.

This is where the story even get better. His sister is an ultra-impressive specimen! She wins her class and is top selling gilt at $9,250. This stout lady is bold and powerful off both ends and can handle that added mass better than most skinny gilts. The Process grand dam is Kendall (Look at Me x Sterling Silver x Witness) sow. Kendall was the 2013 Reserve Champion Hampshire at the NJSS (Only beat by her littermate sister) and has been the matriarch of the Smith Hampshire herd giving them 4 daughters and 3 granddaughters along with Scoreboard, the $11,000 boar they sold at WPX last summer. If you need more of everything and still want to keep look and design don’t worry we have THE PROCESS!




Littermate Gilt to The Process
Class Winner and  $9250 High Seller - 2017 NSR Winter Type Conference


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