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The Journey

The Journey

Ear Notch: 34-8
Registration #: 545324008

Sire: Lonzo 
Dam: Snowplow x Benchmark
Stress: Negative

Off-Season Semen Price: $35/Dose

Bred by & Owned by: Tracy Lorenzen

Tracy named this balanced, perfect hocked ultra-correct hind legged breeding piece not named after the band but after The Journey of breeding better Yorkshire at Lorenzen Farms. Tracy has stacked several generations of well-made hogs that have the extra width of skeleton that travel within themselves. Boars like this don’t come along every day, The Journey is the payoff of patience and not looking for the instant payout. It took a lot of control for Tracy not to show this one at the IN State Fair and the chance at a large pay day, however The Journey will be the main clog in the Yorkshire herd at Lorenzen’s over the next several years and we hope yours!

Not sure how much you want hear about correctness of design feet and leg placement, joint angle and shape but this one is as good in all those areas as you can make one. Yes, The Journey is big boned opened up thru his blade and has his rib busted open and takes the dimension to the ground and back into a massive hip with expressive shape behind. Although the boar is named after getting to the destination like the songs from the band Journey “Don’t stop believing”-“Any way you want It” and “Faithfully” sum up how we believe that this young herd sire will generate and that he will cut a wide swath in the Yorkshire breed, mark it down!

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