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Sire: Swagger 21-3
Dam: Swagger

Semen Price: $150/Dose
Overrun Price:

Stress: Carrier

We lined up Swagger and boy did it work!  If you want to talk about a boar that has more extension and showring appeal with outstanding squareness of base on both ends, just go times two on the Swagger-SwagX2!!! Swagger has sired either Grand or Res at all the Texas majors. (over a three year period)  And last summer sired the grand gilt at the IN state fair. If you have been the showpig business you understand how potent Swagger is and that we aren’t even close to seeing the end of the winners sired by Swagger. We know there are a large number of sons out there.  However, this is one of the first line breed ones that has all the positive features of Swagger in a more moderate length of body makeup. SwagX2 sire is a shorter bodied, open skeleton clone of his sire. This past winter we had numerous customers have great success with Swagger 21-3.  He is stamping look and real skeletal width in a more moderate package. If you need to open one up at the ground and still add extension to front with shape and an ultra-sound build, then you need to take the SwagX2!!!

Littermate to SWAGx2 due in January to MeetURMaker
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