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Swagger 21-3

Swagger 21-3

Sire: Swagger
Dam: Candy Cane
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Off-Season Price (60% Off):
Off-Season Overrun Price (60% Off):

Built just like his sire, but shorter bodied & thicker hipped! When we put 21-3 in the stud this spring we knew this guy might be special and after the first set has hit the ground that is a major understatement. Swagger 21-3 is siring just like his dad but a rib shorter bodied and his offspring show a little quicker, bloomer pop to their shape and rib.

Swagger 21-3 still impresses people with his extra elevation to front and look thru his neck and face, but 21-3 still retains as much or more muscle than any other stress negative boar in the stud! Tall fronted, good looking, bold topped and thick ended - sounds just like what they need to look like - SWAGGER 21-3!






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