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Supercharged Turbo

Supercharged Turbo

Dam:Toxic 15-1 sister
(Fatal Attraction x California Dreamin')
Same dam as Hotter-n-H

Stress: Positive

Price: $100/dose

If you have a stress negative female and you want to make - wider- deeper- and thicker, Supercharged Turbo will allow you to make a major move! Most positive boars are heavy muscled- Supercharged has that covered in a big way, but what sets him apart from the crowd is his soft extra deep body and rib. Supercharged Turbo is ultra-pliable and has the ideal rib shape with that over the top spring to his forerib and heart!

Supercharged Turbo's dam is the mother of Hotter-N-H and we have 3 P2C 50-4 sons on feed now. This only adds to the predictability. If you need to downsize and power up, it's time to Supercharge that Turbo-SUPERCHARGED TURBO!!!

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