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Shootin' Swag

Shootin Swag

Shootin Swag

Ear Notch: 69-7
Sire: Swagger
Dam: Shooter
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $150/Dose
Overrun Price:

Bred by: Hi Point Genetics
Owned by: Keith Kuecker

Shootin' Swag was purchased in our June 25th online sale by Keith Kuecker and when we got the opportunity to keep him here we jumped on it! Shootin Swag  has continued to mature with those same positive traits he had from day one. Shootin’ Swag is extra correct and has ideal angles is up on all four pasterns and can take a long fluid stride off both ends. Tall fronted, cool looking and as wide and true at the ground as you can make one. If you need to open one up and add look and shape this Swagger son might be the best one we have made to date.


Below is his online picture and description:

#: 20
EN: 69-7 XB
Breed/Sex: Crossbred Boar
Date Born: 4/4/14
Sire: Swagger
Dam: Shooter
Weight in lbs (as of 06.19.14): 48
Description:: The narrow belted Hampshire appearing boar pig should have a large number of friends! We can talk till be are blue in the face about Swagger's track record, but the reason we can is because he makes them right in terms of skeleton with a showring look second to none, and he sires shape and natural thickness, and true base width. 69-7 is all that and more. He has unparalleled alert look, and is square at the chips. Boar or barrow, who ever ends up with 69-7 will be a happy customer and will be sending us back pictures with them in front of a backdrop holding banners!



Shootin’ Swag sister was sold online to  Lee Airoldi family. They placed her with Mathew Proud where he showed her at
Cow Palace last fall. She stood 3rd in the class behind the Grand and Res Grand of the show.



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