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Reach Around

Reach Around

Ear Notch:
Registration #:

Sire: Reach
Dam: Point Maker (99-2 Sister)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $200/Dose
Overrun Price:

We used Reach pretty hard and bred him to the key core of our Hampshire sows and we are extremely happy with the results. Not only did we lay in an outstanding set of daughters but we were able to make Reach Around. We are confident that he has all the positives of his sire from a bone, body standpoint but is even more impressive in terms of elevation of shoulder and squareness or trueness of tracking off both ends. Reach Around has that over-the-top build and correctness of design that will be even more critical as we trend forward. The most impressive part is his continuation to lay down mass and rib and retain that comfortable build. That last set of traits comes from the bottom side of his pedigree we have four 99 litter sows that will generate as much body bone and muscle as any sows in the herd today. Also as we get into our first set of pigs sired by 99-2 we can tell you the arrow is pointed way up!  Reach Around is a true breeding piece that gets better every day and should be one that can Reach you to the next level!

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