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Proven Power

Proven Power

Proven Power

EN: 6-7
Registration: 375985007

Sire: Shiftin Gears
Dam: Light Em Up

Bred by: Martin Fordice & Family

Semen Price: $250/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $100/Dose

It was simple to name the Fordice boar because we have had several from them over the years.  And if you want to talk about a firm track record, there have been loads of Fordice boars in other studs, so Proven Power was an easy fit. This Monster stood second behind the champion and one place ahead of the record-selling boar, and that made him affordable at $15,000. Proven Power is a bigger-built hog thru all parts of his skeleton.  He is big backed, big ribbed and big legged. Power is the other descriptive word to use because this one is extra  good in his heart girth and works extra mass thru the lower 1/3 of his skeleton. All that Proven Power is in a bigger package that has great function with an extra-long hip. We think it’s simple - use one that has Power and is Proven- Proven Power!



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