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Point Maker 90-1

Point Maker 90-1

Ear Notch: 90-1
Registration #: 483556001

Sire: Point Maker
Dam: Point Maker's mother
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $250/Dose
Overrun Price:

Bred by: Hi Point Genetics

If you want to be a true breeder you need to have the conviction to make them as good as possible no matter how they are bred or how tightly you mate them. We have lined up (or Inbred) what has brought us and our customers continued success to help us all take that next step to make Hampshire better! When we lined Point Maker back on his mother we did so because we couldn't find a boar that was hitting the mark better and we simply wanted to exaggerate all the positive points the old Unreal X Make Me famous stamped time and time again. Almost all of our sows have a shot of Unreal or the Make Me Famous sow in them and rightly so because if you are
looking for correctly, square built Hampshire's that have added bone and elite showring presence then you will find them in the pedigree. 

PM 90-1 is the HEAVIEST BONED boar standing at Hi Point. PM 90-1 is so stout we had several customers mate him to their very best cross sows this spring because that extra bone and flawless feet. PM 90-1 is also ideal in terms of length of body, correctness of skeleton with a super level back and feet that are near perfect to the ground. PM 90-1 is not as massive as a few of our other Point Maker sons but he is the stoutest and one of the most correct! We think the strongest trait that PM 90-1 has to offer is how tightly inbred he is and we are very confident that will enhance his ability pass on that fluid design and enormous bone!

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