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Point Maker 5-4

Point Maker 5-4

Sire: Point Maker
Dam: Home Grown x Point Maker's mother (Unreal X Make Me Famous sow)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $200/Dose

Tall fronted, level topped, extra level hipped with the right amount of bone and base width makes this one of the most complete Point Maker sons in the stud. 5-4 is correct and true in all his angles and places his feet true stride after stride. Like all of the other Point Maker litters, this one also had power from top to bottom and by far was the thickest widest litter from top to bottom. The gilts are absolute Mack trucks and we tucked them away in the keeper pens early. We were feeding a mate boar that was the most of everything in the entire set but lost him in May. PM 5-4 is more elevated and has an ideal build and when we sink that up the extra power in terms of thickness, we believe that 5-4 could be a real breeding piece!

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