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Point Maker 24-2

Point Maker 24-2

Sire: Point Maker
Dam: Homemade 45-1 (Full sib to Homemade 17-3 & 17-4)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $150
Overrun Price: $75

This is one big bodied, full rumped boar that is extra durable in his skeleton. The 24 litter was typical of the Point Makers - we sold 4 gilts online, kept 4 gilts, sold a third boar, and kept 24-2 and 24-3 - deep and consistent! When you study 24-2 you see a tremendous forearm, a big foot and a wide spread to his declaw, then as you work thru his massive blade you get a real sense of power in his midsection that carries back into an impressive square dimensional thick hip. 24-2’s power (thickness and muscle) behind lets him hit the ground wide and true as he goes away! Out on the corners, heavy boned, and big bodied, might add up to one of the best ones we have put together PM 24-2!!!  

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