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Point Maker 21-10

Point Maker 21-10

Ear Notch: 21-10
Registration #: 483599010

Sire: Point Maker
Dam: Homebody x Make Me Famous
Stress: Negative

Summer Semen Price: $50/Dose

As we enter this important time to make breeding decisions for WPX 2015 and next summer we wanted to highlight one of the very best Point Maker sons we have raised! 21-10 is out of a very deep litter and has a great pedigree. His dams mother is the Crouch (Make Me Famous) sow and grandmother of Point Maker. The Crouch sow was Champion at Louisville and Indiana State Fair. After we purchased her she quickly became the backbone of our Hampshire herd. Reading 21-10's pedigree makes this hog even better! (21-10 #483599010 his extended pedigree can be viewed on the National Swine Registry website)

If we look at all the high dollar males and females that have sold this summer, the key factor in why those hogs sold for what they did it was because of their overwhelming quality. Those individuals  balanced total body mass or thickness of skeleton with a correctness of structure and absolutely secure feet and leg placement. Now if you think you need a different genetic line because "that line" has been around for a few years, that's one train of thought. But, if your priority is to make the highest quality individuals possible, then you need to use the best boars available that have the phenotypic and genotypic strengths to make those elite High Quality hogs! 

It gets us excited talking about 21-10!  This is a moderate-built boar that has a massive center body with a deep huge rib, and plenty of shape. But more importantly, 21-10 has a perfect set to his blade and a long, level, loose rump that allows him to set up with an ideal angle to his rear hock. 21-10 travels within his skeleton and moves with ease for any duration of time. Built wide and deep with feet and legs that few hogs possess will allow PM 21-10 to be one of those sires that will make that high quality balanced next generation!

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