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Point Maker 12-3

Point Maker 12-3

Sire: Point Maker
Dam: Home Grown x Point Makers mother(Unreal X Make Me Famous sow)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $150/Dose

PM 12-3 is a very flexible made loose structured Hampshire boar that is one rib longer that most Point Makers. PM 12-3 carries his head up high with added length of front and is the most agile Point Maker son that just floats off either end. Point Maker 12-3  and another new PM son 5-4 share littermate mothers (91 litter sows) they come the mother Point Makers gilt litter where we bred her to Home Grown. We feel with capturing the old Make Me Famous sow (She was Champion @ Louisville and IN State Fair) a couple of times will help ensure that the 12 and 5 litter will have a little extra potent punch! Supple made while maintaining some natural shape from behind should enable this one to generate better Hampshires!

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