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Phone Home

Phone Home


Phone Home
Reserve - 2013 NAILE
Dam is a littermate to Phone Home

Earnotch: 61-5

Dam: S&L (Littermate to Hog College 2010)

Stress: Negative
Registration Number: 151317005

Semen Price: $150
Overrun Price: $75

Bred by: Matt & Tammy Miller

Premier Sire 2013 Fall Classic

Champion & Top Selling Spot Boar
2012 Fall Classic

The “freaky” boars have brought the BIG money the last several years. However, the time has come to start breeding hogs that are not only wide, big boned and thick, but that are SOUND AND CORRECT!!! We need to reemphasize soundness and functionality. We all go to the shows and talk about how average the quality was - the main reason is we have not put the emphasis on REAL squareness of structure and correctness of build. Where to go to fix these problems and still maintain that extra width, bone and power? Well it's time to Phone Home!

This champion boar is that true, naturally wide skeletoned boar that has the ideal correctness of build. Phone Home is high in his neck carriage with a deep set spine, he opens up in his rib cage as good as they come, all while maintaining the near perfect set to his blades and front legs with that curvature to his forearm and great set to his front foot setting down perfect on his front pastern. Phone Home is outstanding in his depth and shape of center body and upper rib which allows him to work a huge amount of product down his top and through his rump. Phone Home’s tail head is right on top and he possess that great angle and shape to hock and he plants his rear feet with authority.

Phone Homes litter mate gilt was the $4500 top selling spot gilt at Duncan. Phone Home's mother had the Grand Champion boar at the 2012 WPX and the 5th over gilt in the WPX Jr show. It doesn't stop there either - Phone Home's mother's littermate was the 2010 NBS Hog College gilt and she has gone on to produce the Champion and $8500 top selling gilt at the 2012 SWTC. The decision to Phone Home was an easy one, his pedigree is packed full of champions that breed on. Now it's your turn to Phone Home!

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