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Perfect Weather

Ear Notch: 36-8
Registration #: 45694008

Sire: Storm Chaser
Dam: Dang Good Hog

Summer Semen Price: $50/Dose

Stress: Carrier

Bred by: Hannah, Holden, Hayden Miller

$10,000 STC Purchase

Over the years Hi Point has been fortunate to have owned several true breeding pieces in the Poland breed.  We feel the Perfect Weather can live up to those high standards. If you are looking for body mass and muscle mass in a sound, correct package with an extra sharp showring look, then it looks like Perfect Weather. This extra youthful appearing prospect is very attractive thru his face and neck, and blends well into his shoulder. PW is explosive in terms of shape right out of his blade and is very square down his top and hooks back into a wide, deep rump. His width at the ground matches his width up high, yet he is still within his skeleton and takes a long, free stride off either end. If you want more look and showring appeal yet need as much thickness and power as you can get, then you are looking for Perfect Weather!

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