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Over Time

Sire: Frozen In Time
Dam: Focus

Stress: Negative
Bred by: Trey & Cade Fecke

Semen Price: $150
Overrun Price: $75

$25,000 Private Treaty Purchase

Moderate built with huge feet and legs are a couple of the imposing images Over Time provides. Not only is he big legged, but he is stout skulled and possesses an immense blade. We are very confident that he will generate bone and correctness of skeleton.  Over Time excels in all aspects of center body - deep in his heart and full back thru his flank. When you read his upper rib and top he takes that advantage he has at the ground up into his center rib and has a massive big square top and a thick level hip.  

Yes, Over Time is ideal in stoutness and frame but what really makes Over Time unique is his pedigree.  He is sired by Frozen in Time who is out of a Soorholtz boar Dug Out from 1990 that sired many great individuals that breed on in the 90’s. Also in Frozen in Time's pedigree is a 2004 boar, Quiet Giant that has Blockbuster and Neat in his pedigree, all proven durable stout Hampshire herd sires.

Then when we study the dam we find the McLemore boar, Focus, who has Model T, Leverage, Super Sweet and Cicada in his pedigree and the grand-dam is a Fogle/Graber sow that has sweet look and several shots of Cicada. Added up, Over Time has about 4 shots of the Cicada sow (Fogle/Graber foundation sow) in his pedigree. We know that’s a lot of words talking about old boars and sows but it means that the Fecke Family has put together a beast of a breeding boar!

When you study the Hampshire boars at Hi Point, Over Time is a total outcross for us and we are very excited about the chance to use him thru the heart of our Hampshire herd! Again we want to thank the Fecke Family for allowing us to add Over Time! If you want to play to win- better bring along a finisher- one that can win the show when it's on the line in Over Time!

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