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Over the Top

Over the Top

EN: 21-1
Registration: 147993001

Sire: EIN
Dam: Hit Me x Promise Keeper (Nailed It's Mom)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $150/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $75/Dose

Bred by: Bill Range

Hi Point Genetics Chester Program was totally set with our purchase of the 2014 STC Champion boar, Nailed It.  Nailed It went on to become Premier Sire at the 2015 STC and was just starting to hit his peak when we lost him early this fall.  That’s whenl Bill Range called to tell us that Nailed It’s mom has one that’s even better.  Bill bred Nailed It’s mom to EIN, one of the hottest Chester showpig sires going.  This Kneese hog, EIN, sired seven state fair champions or reserves in 2015, as well as the third and fourth overall Chester Gilts at Team Purebred and the fourth Overall Barrow at Team Purebred.  This combination resulted in a boar prospect that is Over the Top.  After talking to Bill, we convinced him not to take Over the Top to Duncan, but instead to place him here at Hi Point.  Ten thousand dollars later, Bill agreed. 

The most important trait when opening the discussion about Over the Top is his unparalleled soundness and correctness of structure.  Over the Top has his blade laid back on his shoulder, which allows his front end to have extra curvature, and he can reach with a long, fluid stride out of his front end.  His spine is set deep between his blades.  He is level down his top and back through his rump.  His rear hock is ideal and he has big toes that set down square.  This allows him to track away as true and correct as you can make one.  Over the Top is exceptional in his width of chest and curvature to his center rib and the fullness he possesses from his heart girth to his flank.  If you want to talk about muscle, this is a square topped boar that is truly wide and deep tying in his rump.  Over the Top has a long neck and a clean, sharp face and emits that showring appeal.  This new Chester boar combines body, mass, correctness and elite genetic parentage that will take you Over the Top.

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