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Noise Maker

Noise Maker

Sire: Point Maker 72-7
Dam: Turbo
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $200/Dose
Off-Season Price (60% Off):
Off-Season Overrun Price (60% Off):

Owned with: Keith and Brian Lambright $25,000 online purchase

Some pigs are great babies and never get any better but few are great babies and even better as mature hogs. Noise Maker is one of those few that has been good from day one thru today! Few are made as tall fronted cocky looking with outstanding bone work in a package that is ideal in terms of length of side. Noise Maker is open in his blade that works with the right amount of shape down his top and has a full deep flank.

If you want to stand at the top where few do, then don't just sneak into the winner's circle, go ahead and be loud and use Noise Maker.
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