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No Debate 18-8
No Debate 18-8

Ear Notch: 18-8
Registration #: 487445008

Sire: No Debate
Dam: Point Maker 99-2 sister


Semen Price: $150/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $75/Dose

We had 18-8 entered to go to Belton but as that date got closer and 18-8 just kept impressing us more each day, we knew he had to stay in house. No Debate 18-8’s mother is Point Maker 99-9 who simply put is the most impressive sow standing at Chrisman, IL. This sow is a littermate to PM 99-2 who has done an outstanding job of siring great bodied, perfect design, and total mass. When we study deeper, we also have 3 other sisters to 99-9 that have already left herd boars out of their first litters (Reach Around) and several young boars you will see this summer.

Power and style is bred into this flawless, huge bodied stud. 18-8 has a cool look, square big back and super wide full rump. 18-8 is correct and true in his build with all the correct angles and is up on his pasterns. No Debate has continued to stamp them just like 18-8 and was just Premier Sire at Belton. If you are looking to take the guess work out of breeding and want to make them cool built with added power and dimension, then the Debate is over...18-8 is the answer!!!

Loaded 18-1, a littermate to No Debate 18-8, in the crate with an ideal liter for San Antonio of On Point's!


Littermate sister to No Debate 18-8


Some sows just better with age - 18-2 going in the crate with her second litter.


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