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No Debate

No Debate

Ear Notch: 14-5
Registration #: 480704005

Dam: Homegrown x Unreal x Black Oak(44 litter Mark Long sow)
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $100/Dose

Bred by: Jeff Cook family

$90,000 Champion Boar - IN State Fair

There was No Debate which boar would be champion and top selling at the 2013 In State Fair, the only question would be who would own the attractive, huge bodied herd boar. We feel very comfortable with this tall shouldered, long striding, square standing boar that holds his head up high and knows he is in charge! There will be No Debate when you talk about center mass and depth of heart and flank while still having real muscle shape and an ultra-cool Hampshire look! Sound, extra mass, up headed and attractive - there is No Debate what needs to be your first choice to make next year’s Hampshires! NO DEBATE

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