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Sire: He Man 
Dam: Heat Wave x Black Attack
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $150/Dose
Overrun Price:

Bred by: Todd Creagor Family

Champion Crossbred Boar - Crossbred Classic

When this boar hit the ring at the IN State Fair we knew we had to own him. Simply put you can’t make one any wider off either end and sounder or truer to the ground than this popular champion. You need to ask yourself one question - are you Nit2winit?

If you have kept reading then you are Nit2winit and so are we. Nit2winit is as big centered wide chested boar as we had seen all summer. He is dramatic about his blade placement and as dynamic in the arch to his rib and fullness of body. Nit2winit also excelled his competition in levelness of top. He is dead level from blade to hip and has his tail placed high in the center of a long square rump.

Like the Heat Waves and Black Attacks, he picks up on the bottom side of his pedigree. He is ultra-moderate in his kind and super comfortable on his feet and legs. This is a champion boar that has that extra design-correctness with added center mass that will allow you to not just place high, but be Nit2winit!!!

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