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Sire: Point Maker
Dam: Meltdown (Fatal 58-4 X Coyote Ugly-White Tiger's sister) X Invincible 74-1 Sister (Invincible X Lickety Split's mom)

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Overrun Price:

Stress: Negative

Most of you have seen the offspring Point Maker or you have even seen a pig out of a Point Maker son like PM 72-7 or Changer.  But we can’t wait to see what this Point Maker son will sire! The trend is maybe switching to the taller fronted, great built ones that you can feed, but we know from breeding them every day that to produce champions time after time you need to start out with true base-width and natural thickness and mass of skeleton if you are going to compete at the highest level. What truly makes this one special is he has good elevation to the front and is very solid off both ends and goes with ease! When we start talking about a pedigree or the sow power that lays behind meetURmaker, his potential goes thru the roof! The dam is sired by Meltdown a boar we purchased from Kurt Morgan (IA) sired by Fatal 58-4(Fatal Attraction X pure-99 sow) on a Coyote Ugly daughter, a littermate to White tiger. We only had Meltdown one season, unluckily losing him to an injury.  But he was absolutely flawless in his build with the longest squarest rump you could put in one.  And to our good fortune, we got a litter out of Invincible 74-1 sister, thus making the Meltdown sow as she is referred to here.  Invincible 74-1 sister was out of Invincible on Lickety Split’s mother (one of the foundation females), and her dam was a Fatal attraction sow, and her sire was Split Second - another Fatal Attraction son.  So you can see the bottom side of the pedigree has multiple shots of Fatal Attraction. This sow produced the Turbo 6 litter boars, she was the mother of the P2C 24 litter boars, and we have retained over ten daughtersthat are quickly making themselves known. When you come to a place where you have put it all together in terms of correctness, softness of skeleton, stoutness of build, and bone in a flexible secure footed package, you may be at the point of meetURmaker!!!

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