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Maxed Out

Maxed Out

EN: 19-3
Registration: 491899003

Sire: Man Amongst Boys
Dam: Point Maker


Off-Season Semen Price: $35/Dose


The off-belt MAB son is the widest, most opened-up boar we are adding to the stud of any breed, including crosses. The deep, high-quality litter he comes from contained several keeper gilts and the $10,500 gilt we sold at Sweethearts of the Summer sale as well as Caught Lookin’. Maxed Out can still roll and go and stands down on tree trunks for legs. This offbelt has the rib and flesh that is hard to come by and has an appetite that is unmatched. We know his sire threw too much white for some people, but with this one darker marking we think it will be more acceptable. If your goal is to make a Hampshire barrow that can win, we think you need to get Maxed Out!  


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