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Mama's Calling

Mama's Calling

Mama's Calling

Sire: R U My Sister
Dam: 8 Ball

Bred by:
Gault Farms

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $100/Dose

With the trend today going towards taller-fronted, better-balanced hogs that can move, yet still have enough power – that’s Mama’s Calling. This phenom is sired by one of the hottest, biggest-boned boars in the industry - R U My Sister - and out of a line bred Super 7 boar - 8 Ball - that was ahead of his time in terms of making hogs that are built right and mobile. Mama’s Calling runs uphill and has extra length from blade to ear.  He is slick necked and sharp faced. The odd belted boar is square and true in his build and plants all four within his skeleton and is loose in his structure. Mama’s Calling is a balanced male that has matching width thru all portions of his skeleton and will offer you the chance to propagate the kind that are made right and are easy to feed.


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