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Make Me
Make Me

Ear Notch: 6-4
Registration #: 485650004

Sire: Point Maker
Dam: Party Down (Littermate to dam of PM 72-7)
Bred just like PM 72-7


Semen Price: $200/Dose
Overrun Price:

Purchased from: Samuel Gardner

$12,000 Purchase IN State Fair

One we let go early and knew we needed him back especially after what a good job PM 72-7 and his littermate Dash 1 have done. When you study MAKE ME’s dam and her mate (the mother of PM 72-7 &1) you would understand why we needed to add MAKE ME to the lineup.

MAKE ME is built just like the set of Point Makers we have in place. We feel that building them right and making them good far outweigh all other criteria! MAKE ME's dam is the widest in every aspect of her skeleton. She is a notch more moderate in her kind and opens up better down her top compared to her sister (PM 72-7&1 mom). Then when you study MAKE ME he is more open in his chest floor and is better in his curvature to rib which allows him to have a widespread back and square rump. MAKE ME is also more moderate in his frame and length of body and with that build he is agile and absolutely perfect off his rear two. (very similar to PM 72-7).

If you are looking to make Hampshires correct in their design with rib shape and possess a cocky look it’s time to MAKE ME!

Make Me




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