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Sire: Bone Daddy
Dam: Warfare x Detox x Super Natural sister
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $200/Dose
Off-Season Price (60% Off):
Off-Season Overrun Price (60% Off):

$60,000 Boar - Crossbred Classic

If you have ever played with Lego’s you understand to build anything that is tough, durable or has mass you must lay down a foundation of your biggest best LEGO’s. We have purchased several Ottenwalter boars over the years and this is the stoutest most correct built Ottenwalter boar we have placed in the stud.

LEGO has that square true build to his feet and legs and his skeleton is aligned ideally. He is wide at the ground and has that same width thru his center and top of his skeleton. Lego is very moderate in his kind and thick in his skull, fore-arm and foot.  

At the bottom of the sire’s page you will find the retired boar section and you will find Bone Daddy with his picture and the picture of his mother and grandmother. Combine that with Lego’s Warfare dam (Detox x Supernatural sister) and you have a boar that is stacked with high quality foundation females. When you are stacked with genotype and a flawless phenotype there is no limit to how high or how wide you can go. Only play with a true breeding piece - start stacking with LEGO!

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