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Just Do It

Just Do It

Sire: Dang Good Hog
Dam: Wildfire x Fire Star
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $75/Dose

Bred by: ASI Showpigs

ASI Showpigs has made another superb breed contributor with Just Do It! Yes he is lined up with several boars that have had a great amount of success on the bottom side of his pedigree. He is sired by the boar that took the Poland breed by storm last summer and has an impressive track record of siring champions in just a few short months.

We had seen this guy several times over the summer and he has always been true in his base and squarer thru his lower 1/3 than most Polands. He can carry his head up high and has a showring look. So when ASI called us at the IN State Fair after he had won and asked us if we would be interested in owning him we said Just Do It!!! Here’s your chance to make better Poland’s and Just Do It!


Littermate to Just Do It
2013 Team Purebred Eastern Regional Champion Poland and Reserve Overall Barrow
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