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Journey 52-10
Journey 52-10

Ear Notch: 52-10
Registration #:

Sire: The Journey
Dam: Snowplow
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Overrun Price:

Bred by: Tracy Lorenzen

This is the individual Tracy kept home to breed sows to and that is the only reason this unique breeding boar got to end his Journey at Hi Point Genetics. When starting any Journey you need to have a good base, not only a wide base but a sound super functional base. 52-10 is opened up in his chest floor and takes that width straight to the ground with no bow or twist. 52-10 has his blade set ideally on his cage and can reach and plant with great accuracy. 52-10 is a solid bodied hog that has extra depth of heart and  added curvature to his rib which allows him to be big backed and right thru his rump.

Journey 52-10 comes from a very deep litter. Tracy retained four gilts he calls “The best females he has kept in some time” and a fifth littermate gilt that was huge bodied and thick ended that sold at Duncan for $2600.

52-10 sire The Journey has stamped good built hogs that can move, have shape and look, and when you really evaluate 52-10 you can see all those positive traits! When deciding how to make your next set higher quality and  more functional  don’t stray off the path choose Journey 52-10!!!

Journey 52-10
Journey 52-10 Littermate
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