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Journey 1-8

Journey 8-5

Ear Notch: 1-8
Registration #:

Sire: The Journey
Dam: Snowplow x Husky
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $200/Dose
Overrun Price:
Off-Season Price: $35/Dose

The Journey has continued to sire Champions and breeding hogs that are generating! Journey 1-8 is the best Yorkshire we have put together. This is a tall fronted power hog that can move and go 1-8 is very open in his blade and is massive right behind that blade and works copious amounts of muscle down his top and hooks into a square true set hip. Then as we descend into the middle and lower 1/3 he maintains that width and mass both coming and going away.

Journey 1-8 comes from a deep litter with several high placing brothers at major stock shows and we retained all three of the littermate females (picture of 1-2 we thought about selling but figured she was irreplaceable). We placed another sister (1-3) that was Reserve Junior Champion York at the Southeast regional behind the Grand and the grand was also a daughter of The Journey. 1-8 dam is one of our very best Lorenzen sows that has never missed bred cross or pure. IF you need to go old school elevate one and enhance showring look and add shape in a stouter package your Journey begins and ends with 1-8!

Journey 1-2
Journey 1-3
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