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I Believe

I Believe

I Believe

I Believe
I Believe's Dam

Sire: Power Plant
Dam: Hillbilly Cadillac

Bred by: Galt Farms

Off-Season Semen Price: $50/Dose

$30,000 purchase SWTC Belton, TX

We kept hearing Brent talk about “a unique one in Belton.”  The Galt farm entry at Belton is that unique boar prospect Brent was describing. 

This Rick Whitman bred boar comes from Rick’s $6500 top-selling sow that has already placed four herd boars:  Texas Thug at Triple B, RW Thug at Olsen’s, Power Wagon at RW Genetics, and Powerball at Galt Genetics.  Four herd boars and still going strong makes this Hillbilly Cadillac Sow a genuine generator! 

What caught our eye is I Believe has that extra height at the blade, has awesome length of neck, and that extra curvature to his forearm and that special curvature to his blade, forerib and center.  I Believe has that blade laid back perfectly on a massive ribcage and his knee has ideal placement and he takes a long stride out of his front end and sets down on a high pastern.  I Believe is bold up high and down at the ground.  He takes that robust center rib and top into a very wide, square hip.  I Believe tail is high and level in the center of his rump and his rear hock has that ideal 45 degree angle, and his rear pasterns are perfect.  He also stands down with picture-perfect wide-spread toes and wide declaws. 

Design sets I Believe apart, and then when you factor in the genetic punch of his dam, you can see this is the guy we were looking for – that unique one that hits the trend perfectly today- I Believe!!!


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