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Sire: Bandit
Dam: (2-10 Coulson sow Littermate to Grand Barrow 2014 Houston) Hillbilly Bone X Super Monster


Semen Price: $200/Dose
Overrun Price:

If you are looking for that balanced boar that has more shape to his rib and is more correct and relaxed in his design with a perfect hip and hind leg, you would be looking for Hooligan! To say it was our plan or we knew something no one else did, would not be true about a year and a half ago when we picked off a pair of gilts from the Coulson Family in an online auction. Those gilts' littermate barrow went on to be named Grand Champion barrow at 2014 Houston Livestock show.

2-10 is the mother of Hooligan and she is very balanced and super correct in her design! Again balance is the key theme when we talk about Hooligan and as we move forward as an industry balance and correctness of build with the ability to flesh will be a major advantage in the showring. Don’t go looking for trouble when you already have a Hooligan in the barn!

Mother of Holligan - Littermate to Grand Barrow at Houston

Grand Barrow - 2014 Houston
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