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He's the One

He's the One

EN: 15-6
Registration: 362258006

Sire: Slats
Dam: Challenger ($18,000 '14 STC Fordice Gilt)

Semen Price: $200/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $200/Dose

Stress: Negative

Bred by: Norman Brothers & Ripberger

Norman’s and Ripberger offered this guy as a baby online and it cost us $15,000 to own him. We studied this litter of red hogs numerous times and Depth and Quality of this litter are just mesmerizing! We honestly tried to buy the sow and the whole litter. If you are looking for red hogs that are bigger and stouter-built that still have extra width and muscle, it will be hard to find a litter this deep with this much Quality. Five littermate boars are now in studs and the lone female in the litter Norman’s & Ripberger have retained.  She is flawless in her construction and is a carbon of her mother. He’s the ONE is the boxiest, most impressive in terms of stoutness and mass. He too can flat out go with freedom and ease of stride off both ends because his shoulder is set back, his hip is level and loose, and he has a clean, true hock and plants within his skeleton on every stride. If you want to add mass, keep them stout and square, don’t settle for your second choice.  Use the one - He’s the ONE! 


Dam of He's the One ($18,000 '14 STC Fordice Gilt)

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