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Here I Am

Here I Am

Here I Am

Ear Notch: 72-1

Mighty Mack 74-1
Dam: Beefcake 46-9 Sow

Stress: Negative
Registration Number:

Off-Season Price: $50/Dose
First Call by 10 AM Price: $40/Dose

Bred & Owned with: Kevin Ricker

We needed an outcross Yorkshire boar here at Hi Point and on a trip to Ohio, Brent found this April boar, Here I Am, running with sows and knew he need to bring this guy back home.

Here I Am’s mother, 46-9, is as bold and massive bodied as they come. She raised last year’s Champion gilt at NJSS. 46-9 is the ultimate foundation sow - way huge boned and super in the way she transmits center mass. 46-9 has a littermate boar, Beefcake 46-2, that sired the Champion gilt 2010 WPX JR show,the champion gilt @ 2011 WPX and numerous class winners at NJSS.

We felt with the consistency and generating power in Here I Am’s pedigree, and the fact Kevin has used the boar extremely hard with the intent of saving as many gilts as possible, made our decision the right one!

We will run this young picture Kevin took until we can get you a mature picture that shows how stout and massive he is. Here I Am is for sure shorter bodied than most Yorkshires, has more bone and is just flawless in his pattern. Here I Am will naturally have a great run siring Yorkshires but we bought him with the intent to take him to those powerful thick make black sows. We think he will move forward on two fronts- replacement females and unbeatable blue barrows!!!

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