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Have Another

Have Another

EN: 13-1
Registration: 137824001

Sire: Drinking Class
Dam: Shotgun Wedding

Bred by: Ogle Genetics

Semen Price: $75/Dose
Overrun Semen Price: $75/Dose

Have Another is another freak that we got bought before STC in Springfield. This great marked Berkshire boar has zero spots and no white on his ears and is backed by a dam with the same solid color. When we stopped at Ogle Genetics we found what we had been looking for to take our Berkshire line the next step. Our Berkshire program has had great success: Premier Sire at Duncan, Res Premier Sire at SWTC and 3 different Berkshire boars in stud had offspring sell in the three of the first four in the sale ring at Belton. This Drinking Class son is extra secure off all four and is very athletic and can run like a deer. What makes him special is all the bone and foot he has with a huge blade and a stout, manly skull. Have Another is huge chested and barrel ribbed and all that center mass supports an immense back. Have Another’s grandmother is the Walk the Dog sow that is the dam of Shoot to Thrill and until this summer, the record High selling gilt. Have Another’s dam was Grand Champion Berkshire gilt at the 2014 Illinois State Fair and in her first litter she produced the Grand Champion Berkshire gilt that was 5th overall at the 2015 Illinois State Fair. What more could you ask for - a potent sow, ideal color and unparalleled structure and build, I would say let’s Have Another!


Have Another Dam Was Champion at the 2014 IL State Fair

Have Another dam produced in her first litter the Champion Berkshire Gilt 2015 IL State Fair.

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