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Game Changer
Game Changer

Sire: Changer
Dam: Bring It On
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Overrun Price:
Off-Season Price: $35/Dose

Bred by: David Martin

Changer sired well beyond our expectations - he made hogs just right in terms of frame but more importantly made them huge bodied with that soft mass that can be hard to find. When Game Changer hit the ring at our customer sale we knew we were taking him home. (Show picture taken from IPhone by Carly Martin)  He was cool looking, level topped and very square footed.

Game Changer has never had an off day here. He is one of the softest most massive bodied boars in the entire stud. Game Changer hits the ground wide off both ends and has such a big rib cage it makes his top as wide as any carrier at Hi Point! If you need to change things up and want body mass, wide set blade, and ginormous upper rib that supports a  monster top in a moderate yet correct package then you need to change the game and use GAME CHANGER!

Game Changer
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