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Final Proof

Final Proof

Ear Notch: 22-7
Registration #: 541234007

Sire: Final Drive
Dam: Bulletproof
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $150/Dose
Overrun Price:

Bred by: BOLO Showpigs-Steve Boyum & Rann Loppnow

Res. Champion York Boar & $100,000 Top Selling Boar
2013 World Pork Expo

Beyond what this one cost or where he placed, we have not been overwhelmed like this in a long time. Final Proof reminds us of Slam Dunk, Full Court, Double Dribble or Sweetness and what that means is this is a gargantuan built boar.

Final Proof is the widest made boar standing in Chrisman, Illinois. Not only does he set down on tree trunks for legs, but he takes that extra width up thru an exceptional center rib with more pop and shape to his upper rib than one can imagine. Final Proof takes the advantage he possess in center mass and volume and works way more muscle down a table top back and carries that explosiveness through his rump while retaining the ability to pick'em up and put them down with ease.

Final Proof knows he is a flat out stud! He is cocky and shows off every time we have driven him out of his pen!!! Like a few boar greats from the past, Final Proof has that rare combination of Total Power and Eye Appeal in a Functional package. Now is your chance for Final Proof to write your future and history of champions!!!


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