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Farmers Only

Farmer's Only

Ear Notch:
Registration #:

Sire: The Prophet
Dam: Untouchable x Tugboat
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $200/Dose
Overrun Price:

Bred by: Korb Farms
Owned with:
Tracy Lorenzen

This Indiana State Fair purchase really has us excited!  If you are looking to hook up and get a date for the Grand drive and have been holding out for the one that has more look and eye appeal  with all kinds of shape and natural thickness, you need to use Farmers Only! This attractively- made Yorkshire male is as square and true-footed as they come and will leave you with a set of pigs that will be easy to feed because of their build and look. Some decisions are difficult and others are easy.  If you are ready to win, make the easy choice and catch that purple banner with Farmers Only!

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