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Family Tradition

Family Tradition

Ear Notch: 14-1
Registration #: 487893001

Sire: Carry On
Dam: Pivot Point Sister
Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $75/Dose

Bred by: Jerry McLemore
Owned by: Keith & Brian Lambright, Hi Point Swine Genetics and Jerry McLemore

At the time we purchased Carry On, Jerry took us through his first set of his pigs.  We were floored with how much structure, body mass and bone work they possessed. Over the years, we have seen  thousands of young hogs of varying breeds and crosses, but we have never seen one made like Family Tradition. Family Tradition is just like daddy, but with more center mass! It took a few minutes to digest what was in front of our eyes. The best way to describe what this August farrowed male looked like was he didn’t just have a rib cage, but the biggest pair of watermelons for a rib cage on each side of his body. After visually taking that extra center mass in, you are then hit with a super wide chest floor, massive grooved back and huge rump that flexes with all that mass. Adding to Family Tradition’s genetic punch is that Jerry feels his dam, Pivot Point’s sister, is his best sow! She breeds on time, farrows easy, and raises large numbers of ultra-high quality pigs every single time. Family Tradition comes from a powerful litter.  Jerry is retaining several littermate gilts and a narrow belted boar prospect that he plans on using hard this spring to incorporate the best of Carry On and this outstanding dam!(this pair of boars were very close and Jerry let us choose first) Family Tradition is the kind that will eat the bottom out of the feeder till every drop of feed is gone. If you need to select for appetite, it appears that this is the bloodline for you. As Family Tradition matures he just amazes us every day in terms of mass, thickness and bone! Will he be better than daddy? Only time will tell but, this is one of the most unique centered, widest constructed  hogs you will ever find!

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