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Extra Point
Extra Credit

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Sire: Carry On
Dam: Point Maker 99-2 sister


Summer Semen Price: $75/Dose

Over the years we have fed a large number of boars and few if any have been as good-looking with a high, cocky head carriage as Extra Point! From day one, this herd boar has had his head up and blade back while taking a long stride out of his front end. Extra Point is also as bold and shapely in his blade as they come.  This allows him to be extra powerful in his center rib and support a big back. This mega-boned boar is stout-skulled with huge legs and even bigger feet width and has an extra-widespread set to his toes and dewclaws. So if it’s not enough to combine power and stoutness and look, we add a proven dam from an established sow family. Extra Point’s  dam is a littermate to PM 99-2. We have four 99 litter females topping our Hampshire herd, and the dam of Extra Point is stoutest and biggest-built. We feel comfortable making crosses in addition to purebreds because Extra Point is Extra Stout and Extra Square. If you have fought consistency and depth of quality in your litters, you need to run a pure boar like Extra Point.  We can say with the utmost confidence that you will appreciate deeper, higher-quality and more sellable pigs. Add to the touchdown and score with EXTRA POINT!

Extra Credit



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