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Sire: No Hesitation
Dam: Bone Thug x Cowbell x Fat Steer

Semen Price: $200/Dose
Overrun Price:

Stress: Negative

Bred by: Pot Genetics (Donnie Persall)

The winner from class 8 at the Cross Bred Classic is a feeder’s dream (or a feed pan’s nightmare).  Do you want your hogs to attack the feed pan? People talk about having hogs that can knock the bottom out of a feeder!  Well Doobie is the guy that has major munchies. This level, chromed-up male is huge in his center and is the deepest, fullest-flanked boar that was at Indy. Doobie has width of skeleton to go with that depth too and he is wide at the top of his blades with his spine set deep between his blades. He is extra flat-topped and is longer and squarer in his rump, which lets him take a free-flowing stride staying within his skeleton. Bone is a plus in this stouter-skulled, larger fore arm boar that works off a big, widespread toe. If you need appetite, soft body and mass, then you must try Doobie!

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Hi Point Genetics - Chrisman, IL - 877-247-3636
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