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Deep & Wide

Deep & Wide

Deep & Wide

Sire: Dumbo
Dam: Mighty Buck

Stress: Negative

Semen Price: $150
Overrun Price: $75

Bred by: Wynn Farms

If you like your hogs to eat and eat and eat then you will love Deep & Wide. Deep and Wide has not missed a beat since he came home from World Pork Expo he has even gotten thicker and more massive. The name should say it all but this guy really has us excited to make crosses as well as those extra big centered- pliable made females. Deep & Wide has his chine buried deep between his blades and has that ultra-flexible spine and has the structural integrity like very few today, he is old school in terms of softness and heaviness of skeleton. What really make it fun is that he not a fat hog with no shape (not just big bellied and fat from a feed bucket) he is that unique one that has a whole lot of muscle tied in that supple package! A real breeding piece one that is Deep & Wide!

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